A short list of things you should not, under any circumstances, do while texting:

– Cook a meal

– Order dinner from a server

– Drive your car

– Manage your finances

Drive a goddamned train

Condolences to the families of everyone the 25 who passed away and the hundreds who were injured because this conductor couldn’t wait ten minutes to find out “What R U doing 2nite?”

Now, if you’d asked me a couple of weeks ago whether we needed technology that made trains more or less capable of operating their own brakes, I would have told you no, it seems like STOPPING AT A RED LIGHT is something so basic, so throughly ingrained in our collective psyche, that people who have presumably been trained to operate commuter trains, or at least given a brochure one how to do so at some point, would be well capable of doing so. But apparently, as is so often the case, it appears that we must bring in robots to do jobs that we’re too stupid to do safely and reliably.