After 26 year Washington veteran John McCain accused Barack Obama of being a beltway insider this week, you might have thought the campaign couldn’t get any more ironical.

You would have been wrong.

Recently, Republicans in Fairfax County, Virginia asked themselves a question. “Who do we know who can really reach out to minority voters in our area?” And the resounding answer came back – Confederate Flag waving, noose displaying former Senator George “Macaca” Allen, who will be a featured speaker at a minority voter outreach event this weekend. This is really the absolute limit – it’s so balls out stupid that it’s just sad – right before it crosses back over to being funny again. That this is the person the GOP thinks represents their best chance of pleading their party’s case to voters, then they’re is in even bigger trouble than we thought.

Meanwhile, if the Grand Old Party is looking for someone to help get out the youth vote in Florida, can I make a reccomendation? Former state representive Mark Foley, who has demonstrated an unparalleled skill in connecting and developing dialogue with young males – albeit not quite those of voting age.