Miller High Life (full disclosure: totally my brand) has brought back it’s “limited-edition fall series” ad campaign, bringing you six packs of tall boys in camouflage printed cans perfect for your upcoming fall sporting event. Read: beer that is specially designed for your hunting trip.

For those of you playing along at home, this means High Life has upped the ante on it’s own campaign last year of hunter’s vest orange cans sold in 24 or 30 can hunting themed cases. But this time around, you can not only get drunker while firing rifles into dense undergrowth – you can be effectively invisible while doing it.

Now, I didn’t grow up hunting, unless you can stretch your definition of the sport to stalking Pink Demons through digital labyrinths, so maybe I just don’t get it. I mean, I’ve been on my fair share of fishing expeditions, and I understand the important role that beer can play in the sporting life. The difference being that I’m not likely to mortally wound a dear friend with a rod or reel, unless, I suppose, I was trying really hard. And I know, that, whether I understand it or not, and whether or not it appeals to my admittedly sissified liberal sensibilities, people are going to discharge high powered rifles while drinking heavily, and thus, beer companies are going to base multi-million dollar advertising campaigns, and even brands, around just that pastime. Fine.

But really, camouflage? Did the deer catch on to the orange cans? Are the creatures of the forest this much smarter than us? Have we fallen so far, that we can’t even afford the luxury of being able to see one another while we drink and shoot guns? That can’t say anything good.