In an apparent attempt to beat back the beast known as Hulu, MGM reached a deal with YouTube today to provide full length films and TV shows from the the MGM archives on the seminal video sharing site.

Getting to watch TV for free on the Internet is more or less yesterday’s news at this point, and this would be too, except for one thing. MGM’s first addition to YouTube will be an “action programming” channel whose flagship show will be classic episodes of the original run of American Gladiators. So for everyone who’s been watching the relaunch and saying “Yeah, this is cool, but all I really want to see is Nitro freak out and absolutely wreck a dude at the end of Breakthrough and Conquer,” your time is at hand.

One more note on this happy bit of staged-violence flavored news – I don’t know who is responsible for sending out the MGM press releases that all the news organizations are regurgitating that note that two classic movies to be shown on YouTube courtesy of the deal are The Magnificent Seven and Bulletproof Monk. In point of fact, that constitutes one classic movie and one absolute suckfest starring Stifler, which has no business being mentioned in the same sentence as the greatest Western of all time.