GHCV is back from a GRE induced break with the good stuff that readers come for – poop jokes. Enormous, sea bound poop jokes, like this footage, courtesy of the BBC, of a whale shark expelling food waste, caught for the first time on camera. Why no one has tried to capture video of a whale shark dropping the kids off at the world’s biggest pool will remain a mystery, but researcher Mark Meekan was as excited as all get out to collect the footage. Meekan also collected a sample of stool from the world’s biggest fish that he described as “scientific gold.” To each their own, I guess.

In other news pertaining to the base biological behavior of natures most perfect killing machines, researchers working with the Census of Marine Life speculate that they may have found an isolated spot in the Pacific Ocean that may serve as a singles bar for great white sharks. The spot draws young male and female sharks from the coastal waters of Mexico and California. Once there, they dive together in what scientists think may be part of a courtship ceremony.