Glaring Health Code Violations is back! We’ve got a new site on a new hosting service to go with the new year. And keep reading for new features and columns that are in the pipe right now.

Meanwhile, 2008 is sticking around in those places you’d least hope. For instance, Joe the Plumber just refuses to go away. Once merely a balding, misinformed plumber from Ohio, you’ll recall that the Presidential debates transformed knuckledragger Samuel Wurzelbacher into an avatar for the ‘Average Joe’ across the United States. Fast forward three months and Joe, who once saw wisdom in the notion that a vote for Barack Obama is a vote for the death of Israel, is now an expert on media bias, whose thoughtful analytical insights are finally being put to good use covering the conflict in Gaza for Pajamas TV. Among his notable insights so far? That he misses World War I and II (?) and that “the media should be abolished from reporting.” 

Only time will tell if this jaunt to the Holy Land constitutes a new career path for Wurzelbacher, or just a handy way of keeping his name in the media in preparation for a run for the United States Senate. I wish to God I was making that last sentence up.