In the ballsiest act of political gamesmanship in recent memory, (outside of Illinois, anyway) the Tennessee State House elected junior state rep Kent Williams as their new Speaker of the House. Which wouldn’t be news, except that the chamber, which Republicans won in November when they gained a 50-49 seat majority, was expected to name state GOP vet Jason Mumpower to the office. Instead, the Democratic caucus, which voted first, cast all 49 of it’s votes for Williams. The state GOP than cast 49 votes for Mumpower, up until Williams final vote -which he cast for himself, becoming Speaker. And what did Williams say when asked about the perception that he was a turncoat, a Judas, and almost certainly a plethora of other unpleasant names for not voting for Mumpower?

“Things change.”
Some people are going to tell you that shenanigans like these are what’s wrong with politics, and by extension, the U.S. Don’t you believe ’em. This is America at it’s finest – backroom deals, mad grabs for power, and procedural hijacking of entire state governments, and with everyone involved wearing the sincerest smiles they’ve got. It simply doesn’t get any better than this.

And on the topic of game faces, a friend of mine recently mentioned this – a series of picture of kids playing video games, taken by British photographer Robbie Cooper using a ‘head on’ camera inspired by Errol Morris’ Interrotron. Once I knew it existed, I had to find it. And I had to find it. Once I did, I thought it was worth sharing. I think this is just what I look like playing Lego Star Wars, and that worries me terribly.