Despite two excellent NFL Conference Championship games that ensured I was left with absolutely no rooting interest in the Super Bowl, the best highlight reel of the weekend has got to be from BakaRobo, an annual competition to crown the stupidest, silliest, or just plain most useless robot of them all. It’s kind of like Battlebots, only if instead of violence, you were competing with suckiness. 

And this years stupidest Japanese robot is…YKRN, a robot who arbitrarily likes and dislikes people based on their faces, thereby providing one of the most accurate simulations of human behavior to date. And while it’s a pretty silly idea for a robot, I really don’t understand how anything beats out the pair of dirty joke telling robots. Or a trashcan doing a sexy dance. I mean, read that last sentence again and tell me how you design something less useful.  Other than the robotic Richard Simmons that won last years competition.