I’m coming to the realization that I write kind of a lot about Miller High Life on this blog. I never set out to do so, but what can I say – it’s my brand. With 30 seconds of Super Bowl advertising going for upwards of $3 million, the most anticipated among the admittedly small sample size of ‘my table at the bar’ was High Life’s much hyped one second ad. An ad with it’s own ads leading up to it. An ad that had nearly as much advance press as the game. 

An ad that everyone at my table apparently blinked and missed, prompting us, like over 400,000 others worldwide to watch it on YouTube. Or right here.

Whatever Miller’s clever ad guys paid for this bit of air time, the sort of exposure they got in the media for the stunt is absolutely priceless. It’s a cheap beer economy out there right now, and Miller’s well publicized judicious spending could go a long way towards endearing it to a public with little disposable income and plenty of reasons to drink. Here’s to ya, America.