Probably not a snake

Probably not a snake

Don’t get me wrong – I would really like for this to be a 100 foot long snake roaming the rivers of Borneo. As a rule, I feel that 100 foot long snakes should be roaming more places – it would keep us on our toes and encourage cooperation.

But this picture is more than likely  just another poorly photoshopped hoax. What’s more, it’s an old hoax, as pointed out on cryptozoology forum Cryptomundo – you can see the same pictures in a slideshow of strange creatures in a YouTube video posted in July of 2007. 

So, no Virginia, there are no giant snakes. But hey, some goofy loner just leveraged a recent paleontolgical discovery into getting fake photos posted as news at respected media websites the world over. That’s got to warm you heart a little, right?

No? Well then just take solace in the fact that while giant snakes are still a myth, giant rats are terribly, terribly real. And they make this guy really happy.