It often seems like these are strange and uncertain times in which we live. Strange, uncertain and prohibitively expensive times.

But we also live in bizarre and incredible times, where marvels of modern engineering continue to insinuate themselves into our daily life. No matter how seemingly small or mundane, every new feat of robotics is a testament to human ingeneuity and a step towards a brighter, better world. 

Plus, watching videos of them and pretending you’re in charge is a tremendously soothing method of coping with stress, imbuing one with a sense of control we almost never actually have. 

For example: Robot, make me tiny art from folded paper!

Robot, conduct a symphony!

Robot, do a one man show of the most dramatic scene from Star Wars!

Sure, it’s just the illusion of command, but it’s a pleasant and diverting illusion. What more can you really ask?