This just in – engineering undergrads need help dating.

And thanks to a trio of students at Carnegie Mellon University, they might have it sooner than later. The romantic assist will be provided by the Eyetable, an electronic table that uses motion sensors and microphones to monitor the eye contact, body language and vocal enthusiasm during courtship. Courtesy of your new favorite robotic wingman, you can measure the precise number and length of the awkward silences during a date and where they occurred. (“Hey, there’s a long quiet spot right here after I talk about Python for nine minutes. Weird.”)

In a touch that’s both handy and disturbing, Eyetable will also analyze the quality of your date in real-time and make suggestions on the fly, suggesting a nice after dinner wine bar if you’re scoring points. If things are going badly – so far just a list of cab companies. But wouldn’t it be nicer to give the Eyetable a panic button to make an “important call” to your cellphone during a disastrous date? Or heck, make just make a sad trombone noise and call it a night. Really, the possibilities are endless, and almost infinitely embarrassing.