This rather unspectacular looking bird is actually a pretty special catch – the only photographic evidence of the Worcester’s Buttonquail, until now known only from sketches and a few dusty museum mountings.

That’s because until this one was photographed in a market in the Phillipines, the animal had been given up as extinct. And now, it might be, as the incredibly rare bird pictured above was sold, cooked and eaten shortly after it’s brush with celebrity. Because what else would you do with a specimen of animal not seen in the wild for

Michael Lu of the Wild Bird Club of the Phillipines has especially shocked, asking

“What if this was the last of its species?”

Well, then, Mr. Lu, one would have to presume that it was extra delicious. 

But hey, who hasn’t experienced the embarrassment that comes from realizing “Oops, we just killed and ate the incredibly rare bird we were searching for!” Isn’t that right, Charles Darwin?