Lest I get a little science heavy, some excitement about something not pertaining to space, physics or biology, but probably equally dorky. 

This past week brought a couple bits of long awaited news about the upcoming two part album by The Paper Chase. The bad news first: the second part of the release is going to keep us waiting – it’s projected arrival in late 2009 has been pushed back to early 2010. But the first installment of the new release, Someday This Could All Be Yours (Part 1) will be available as of May 26, according to altsoundsSomeday sees the group exploring human reactions to natural disasters, striving for an understanding  of what it means to be human in an often violent world that couldn’t care less about you.

There’s a while yet to wait for our next dose of jangly, dissonant, concept rock. But considering that the band’s last full length, Now You Are One Of Us was not only a great album, but among the best pieces of horror fiction of 2006, chances are it’s worth the wait.