It’s adaptation-o-rama this week with two films based on earlier works – one that looks crazy good, and one that seems just crazy.

First up, we’ve finally got a trailer for the adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s Where The Wild Things Are, and it looks great. I’m pretty skeptical about this adaptation, as I’m sure are a lot of people to whom this story was really special as a kid. But a perhaps preemptive hats off to Spike Jonze – from the looks of a trailer that feels fantastic, goofy, and dark, it would appear that he’s going to pull this one off and do Max and the rest justice. Now, for how the script by Dave Eggers will hold up… we’ll have to wait and see.

Speaking of my treasured childhood memories, it looks like not all of them can be so lucky as to go unsullied. Example –  the Farrely Brothers have finally gotten the green light for their big screen Three Stooges movie. If early reports are to be believed, the casting decisions look like the biggest joke of all – Jim Carrey will probably acquit himself pretty well as Curly, but Benicio del Toro as Moe? Sean Penn as Larry? Really? Penn hasn’t been funny since he was Jeff Spicoli, and del Toro is a great actor, but a comedic giant he ain’t. Now, maybe everyone will surprise us, but at first look, this may be the worst idea since bringing Curly Joe into the fold. So for right now, just take a deep breath, press play, and hold onto the good memories we’ve culled from the Saturday afternoon television lineups of our youth.