Researchers newest and most unnerving cancer treatment made news this week, with researchers working on nanoparticle techniques that can not only zap cancerous cells more effectively, but also seek out the unwanted cells before they become dangerous. 

The ounce of prevention comes in the form of dextrose coated silicon particles that have the potential to help health care professionals find tumors more quickly. They could also help deliver chemotherapy medications more precisely, cutting down on the harshness of chemo side effects for patients.

Meanwhile, a pound of cure may soon be available in the form of hollow gold nanoparticles that can work their say inside of cancerous cells. Once inside a tumor, the tiny particles can be bombarded with infrared light. As they absorb the light, they heat up, boiling the cancerous tissue from the inside. For a great visual aid that’s a little light on exposition, check out the video below.