Spring has made it’s much delayed appearance in my corner of the taiga, and I’m filled with sunshine induced optimism today! I’m assuming that the next 60 years or so won’t see the total collapse of Western civilization, complete environmental disaster or utter nuclear annhilation, which means I’m planning for the future, and that means explaining to my grandkids and their wide eyed, slightly frightened friends just what the world was like when I was a young ‘un.

For example – “When I was your age, we had energy that wasn’t produced by genetically engineered viruses, farting bacteria, and patagonian fungi. We dug down into the earth for oil and we pumped coal smoke into the air like men, consarnit!”

Or maybe “I remember when we had ice shelves in Antarctica. They were there, I tell ya!”

Frankly, I expect to be in a home sooner rather than later.