Spring means love is in the air, and that can mean a lot of different things to people. To many of us, it means that baseball is back. From the University of Southern Denmark comes the perfect yard accessory folks who don’t want to miss a moment of America’s favorite pastime toiling away at allergy inducing yard work like a schmuck – Casmobot, a robotic riding lawnmower that you can control with your Wii remote. Check it out, but be sure to turn your volume down first – it is, after all, a lawnmower. 

Dear reader, I have seen the future, and it does the yard work while you wave a remote control from your favorite easy chair.

One more short aside as the baseball season kicks into gear – I’m an animal lover, but I’m a Cubs fan first. As such, I just can’t bring myself to have a problem with this. Is it repugnant? Sure. Is it ludicrous? You bet. But is it effective? We’re 2-0 at home so far, so I’m willing to say maybe it’s a good omen? And that’s good enough for me. Besides, this is Chicago, and it’s smart money that whoever left this superstitious little reminder put the rest of the goat to finger lickin’ good use.