As Gavin Rossdale most famously pointed out, it’s the little things that kill. Perhaps nothing will drive home that point like the news that stolen ant pupae raised as slaves by slave maker ants may not be the downtrodden, beaten examples of antdom they were once though of as.

According to New Scientist, the slave ants, which are kidnapped and raised as workers in a new colony spend much of their time working diligently to bring the place down from the inside. The enslaved workers feed and care for the young of the colony that kidnapped them, but they also kill as many as two thirds of queen larvae and female workers, the creatures that conduct the raids on other colonies.

In other ant news, a team of researchers has confirmed that Mycocepurus smithii, an Amazonian ant species, has evolved into an all female species. The ants, who reproduce asexually and are genetically identical to the queen that produced them, have evolved to the point that traditional breeding would be impossible, due to degenerated sexual organs.