You know, you’d think that if GOP think tanks are going to put forth the considerable time and effort of organizing a “grassroots” anti-tax rally, at some point in that (I would assume) reasonably thorough process, someone would say “Hey, wait a minute, everybody. Our protest is going to be made synonymous in the media with the term for putting your scrotum in someones mouth.” 

I mean, they have to have a guy who vets this sort of stuff, right?

Apparently not. 

Following this incredibly thought provoking and not at all ridiculous display (complete with not at all ridiculous theme song), The Heartland Institute, The American Spectator and the smattering of other big spending right wing organizations behind the New American Tea Party are hard at work on their next round of faux populist rebellion.

This time, instead of just taking a stand against hypothetical future tax hikes, they’re prepared to take on the entire platform of the Democratic party. That’s right, liberals across the nation – prepare for the all fronts activist offensive that is… Operation Donkeypunch.