The silliest military acronym in years belongs to one of the most bone chilling pieces of death dealing technology to come down the pipe in recent memory. 

The Autonomous Rotorcraft Sniper System starts off as a run of the mill Vigilante unmanned helicopter drone. The remote controlled chopper is then fitted with a lightweight, stabilizing turret, which is in turn fitted with a high powered sniper rifle, completing the Vigilante’s transformation from mild mannered UAV to merciless Angel of Death guided by a pilot half a world a way who is using his ultimate weapon of choice – an Xbox 360 controller.

I swear to God I did not make that last part up. What, you thought all those hours you put into perfecting your FPS skills over the past ten years were just for stoner bragging rights? Think again, cupcake – turns out the entertainment industry has been conducting virtual boot camp since you were in short pants. Try and look surprised.

As ironic as it seems to insinuate that a remote controlled helicopter armed with a sniper rifle could actually be a life saving device, there’s a good chance that’s just what the ARSS could become. That’s because the rifle is firing seven precision aimed rounds every minute, as opposed to the Hellfire missiles currently being launched by Predator drones in tribal areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan. One of the best things the military could do in this region is cut down on civilian casualties rendered by drones firing at militants. By firing bullets rather than missiles, the ARSS has the potential to do just that, and save gobs of money in the bargain.

Of course, most of that money will have to be reinvested in contracting a supply of the specially engineered beverages that our warriors of the future will need to stay on top of their game.