Reheated Popcorn is the little corner of Glaring Health Code Violations that I usually reserve for expressing my dismay at unnecessary remakes like the upcoming Red Dawn, or baffling sequels like Tron 2.0. But I’m not going to complain this week, at least not any more than I already have.

Instead of complaining about the future, I’m going to look to the past and urge everyone to take a look at some of the work Academy Award-winning British cinematographer and director Jack Cardiff who died earlier this week at 94. Over a career spanning seven decades, Cardiff guided the camerawork on a number of films by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, most notably in excellent dramas like  The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp and the heartbreaking The Brave One. His finest work may have come in The African Queen or, arguably the Kirk Douglas epic The Vikings, but contemporary audiences will probably be more familiar with his later, action dominated work, like Conan The Destroyer, The Dogs of War and Rambo: First Blood Part II

So, in the interest of lighting a candle, rather than cursing the stupid, stupid darkness, head down to the video store and grab a classic crafted by an artist with a camera. Even if it is a classic starring the Governator.