Okay, this made my Twitter on the basis of it being a pretty clear case of police brutality out of the world’s most respected bastion of police brutality, the LAPD.

But really, the most unforgivable thing about the video isn’t the kick to the head. It’s not even that the first officer in the scene is stupid enough to clearly kick a suspect in the head when he sees a news helicopter in the sky. I mean, maybe the guy doesn’t know those things usually have cameras in them. That’s understandable, right?

What’s not understandable is how an employee of a major metropolitan television station can actually be incapable of discerning the human head from the shoulder. Checking the video, you can hear the fellow in the chopper quite clearly at about 52 seconds in – for those of you playing along, that’s about 7 seconds after the cop in question tees off on the suspects dome like he’s trying out to replace Sebastian Janikowski – stating that the cop just kicked him “directly in the shoulder.”

For the benefit of any burgeoning news anchors out there –

This is a shoulder: 

This is a head:

There will be a test on his material later. For bonus points, please discuss whether, when covering an incident of obvious police brutality live on television, it is appropriate to mention that the officer kicking the suspect (in what, class? His head, that’s right!) then proceeds to high five his partner? Why or why not?

Not that I don’t understand this reporter’s reluctance to call the situation what it is. After all, if there’s any group of people capable of leaping into a helicopter to kick somebody senseless, it’s LA’s Finest.