Awesomest Toy Ever of Sinister Engine of Doom?

Awesomest Toy Ever of Sinister Engine of Doom?

A question: If you were building a planet striding, globe dominating giant robot designed to crush all who dare stand in it’s way, would you build it in secret? Or would you be savvier than that, and build it right out in the open, billing it as a big, goofy publicity stunt?

If it were me, I’d go with the latter, acting for all the world like my titanic engine of destruction was just a gaudy three story tourist attraction. I’d make sure it could be seen from highway overpasses and let families take their kids their to picnic in it’s towering shadow, never guessing that this overgrown action figure is poised to one day conquer all it surveys.

Now I don’t actually think that the 60 foot tall piece of robot armor recently constructed in Tokyo is actually the most simultaneously impressive and nerdy weapon in the history of warfare. But if it was, and the Japanese military was smart about it, no one would be saying that until this beast suddenly turned on it’s thrusters, drew a particle beam rifle and left a smoldering crater where North Korea used to be.

That said, functioning or not, this life size replica of the classic RX-78 -2 Gundam is wicked cool, and you can check out some really great pictures of it here. Pictures taken, by the way, by a member of the US Navy.

Coincidence? You be the judge. I for one will believe it’s a harmless stunt only when Bandai, who’s footing the bill for the six story tall model mecha, encloses it in an enormous plastic box to safeguard it’s value on EBay.