Authorities in the United kingdom are clamoring for better tracking of the spread of H1N1 swine flu so they can better understand what they’re dealing with. Better mapping of outbreaks and tracking of fatalities could be be the best bet for helping to understand and hope to control the spread of the virus. That said, it’s beginning to look more and more like this is simply going to get as bad as it’s going to get – no matter what we do, a worldwide pandemic may just be something we’ll have to batten down the hatches for.

Especially considering that vaccine deliveries may be delayed by a month or two in the UK, and with sources predicting up to 100,000 cases a day,  humanity doesn’t really have a month head start to give. On the flip side, Brits should be happy they’re getting anything at all. Getting supplies of a vaccine against a world wide virus when there’s not going to be nearly enough around is just one of the many fringe benefits of being a wealthy nation.

More bad news about H1N1 tomorrow morning when the really bad stuff hits the fan.