An off duty police officer in Scotland was filmed some of the best ever evidence of a panther sized black cat roaming the countryside near Argyll, Scotland. For any cryptozoology enthusiast, it’s a real treat – see it on BBC here.

Alien Big Cat enthusiasts in the UK have to be jumping for joy at the release of the video, which is essentially the Grail of big cat sightings. It’s steady and clear, comes from a reliable source, and most importantly, it offers clear, verifiable landmarks that can confirm the size of the creature in the video. Researchers claim that the animal shown is more than four feet long, significantly too big to be a domestic animal. It’s also pretty small for a big cat, though, which may mean it’s either a young specimen or a hybrid, the offspring of one of the big cats that are often reported but rarely confirmed in the United Kingdom and a feral small cat.

As big cat sightings are one of the rare cryptozoological phenomenon that I can totally rationally throw myself behind, this is totally exciting video – it’s the sort of thing that buoys my hopes that the current search for large melanistic felids in the Pallisades of New York will net something more than tired hikers and told you sos.