Best of luck to David Farrier and his compatriots as they set out across a vast and unforgiving dessert in search of  an animal that, if it exists, is as strange and dangerous as any on the face of the planet.

Farrier and his team begin trekking across the Gobi today in search of the Mongolian death worm. Depending on who you believe, this legendary monster is a red, segmented snake or worm, up to seven and a half feet long and resembling a length of cow intestine. Unlike a cow intestine, however, the death worm can spit a lethal venom, and is also capable of killing from a distance with what is apparently some sort of electrical discharge.

Farrier isn’t foolhardy enough to go in search of such a deadly creature unprepared, though, so he’s doing what any sane, thinking person would do – bringing along lots and lots of explosives. Ostensibly, the explosives are meant only to create vibrations, which supposedly cause the creature to surface so expedition members can capture images of it on film. But to be fair, anyone who goes looking for this thing and doesn’t keep a grenade handy is in dereliction of duty. Short of a large hydraulic piston and a pair of metal hooks, it’s the only responsible thing to bring along on an expedition like this.