Sarah Palin is back on Facebook, and her status is not “chillaxin’ after a hard couple of years kinda governing.”

No, Sarah Barracuda is concerned that this whole health care reform thingy is just one big smokescreen that ends in the creeping red menace kicking down your door and strangling your grandmother and your disabled baby while you watch helplessly because someone already took away your assault rifles. You watch – if they give poor people access to health care, we’re just one step away from being communist  China, where they beat you to death just for liking the Interwebs.

So just why is Sarah Palin concerned that health care reform will result in plutocratic rule a faceless cabal of secular humanists will not only kill every goddamn grandparent they can wrap their greasy, evil mitts around, but also sentence her baby Trig to death for having Down Syndrome?

Is it maybe because she’s trying to perpetuate anxiety in the Republican base over a piece of legislation that HAS NEVER FUCKING EXISTED because it is an easy way to get her name back in the spotlight of the media she loathes oh so much?

If I didn’t know better, I’d think she was jockeying for her own radio show.