Kudos to Procter and Gamble, ConAgra and Progressive Insurance, just some of the advertisers who have bailed on racist crybaby shitbag Glenn Beck in the past few days as advertisers evacuate the show like rats off a sinking racist crybaby shitbag. Of course,considering that they’re caught between people boycotting companies who leave continue advertising with Beck and people boycotting companies who pull their advertising from the show, it’s something of a lose-lose situation.

But if you’re going to take flack for giving money to a hateful, idiot wingnut and not giving money to the same wingnut, you’ve got to give credit to the folks who will take the hit for not being associated with him, right? I mean, sure, it’s sad that this is how little we’ve come to expect in the way of corporate accountability these days. The  again, I’ll take what I can get.