“Hello, Switzerland! So nice to see everybody, so nice to receive my lifetime acheivement award from this country that has no extradition agreement with the United States! …What? You do have an extradition agreement with the US? Well, I really must be going, I seem to have left an important piece of luggage in France.”

Not so fast, Mr. Polanski.

Noted director and convicted pederast Roman Polanski, aka Pervy von Pervenheimer, was arrested today in Zurich, where he was to accept an award from the Zurich Film Institute. Funny story – the Zurich Film Institute does not actually exist, and is merely the greatest ever prop in the world’s longet running episode of To Catch A Predator.

The arrest follows the botched attempt to capture Polanski at the 2003 Academy Awards, where his Best Director Oscar for The Pianist was presented in a less than traditional manner – situated beneath a cardboard box held up by a stick.