Hey, remember when that two minutes when right wing politicos weren’t comparing the Obama administration to the Nazis. Those were good times, huh?

Well, they’re over.

Peter Schiff, best known as “that economics guy on YouTube” got interviewed by the Washington Post, where he was asked about why he wants to sit in Chris Dodd’s cushy chair in the Senate. The answer, of course, is so he can sell more shitty books on how to play the stock market, which is what he does right now. But Peter Schiff is a savvy cat, and he knows you can’t cop to that in the media, even if everyone knows it is true anyway. So instead, Schiff compared himself to someone who

interrupted their career and joined World War II and went off to fight the Nazis.

Just who “the Nazis” would be in that comparison, Schiff leaves to the imagination. But he does make clear that once he finds these Nazis, they’re in trouble. Like opening the Ark of the Covenant style trouble, because once he is elected to the Senate, Peter Schiff will be some sort of righteous and terrible Ur-Senator. He will have way more power in the Senate than that pussy Ron Paul does in the house, because Representatives are a bunch of sissies, and there are like two thousand of them or something, and they all just run around burying hookers and lugging briefcases full of unmarked bills between Senator’s offices, and also Ron Paul is like a billion years old. The point being is that Senators are really awesome, and that Peter Schiff would, by his own estimation, “be, like, ten Senators, all by myself.”

So, if you’re Chris Dodd, right now you’re up against a woman whose main executive qualification is the ability to survive a Tombstone Piledriver and a douche bag who writes books on a literary par with “How to Win At Blackjack, Every Time, Forever!” and pictures himself striding the floor of the Senate like some terrible demi-god and laying waste to the Federal Reserve with his laser eyes. You kind of have to like those odds, don’t you?

Thanks to TPM.