Hey, everybody, remember that day that Barack Obama won a kind of ridiculous Nobel Peace Prize mostly for being Barack Obama and then every conservative pundit everywhere forever had the biggest shit fit in the history of space-time? The day that Michelle Bachmann got so agitated that she revealed her true reptiloid self on the floor of the House of Representatives and Glenn Beck had a LITERAL FUCKING ANEURYSM on live TV and is was the funniest thing ever and we all laughed and no one was sad, not even a little bit?

Oh wait, you cannot remember that yet because it all happens later today. Trust me though, it is seriously hilarious stuff!

Michael Steele is already calling the award “unfortunate,” but really, has anyone taken the Nobel Peace Prize seriously since they handed one to Henry Kissinger, who is, if you’ll recall, history’s greatest monster?

Remember also that awarding US Presidents Nobel Peace Prizes for pretty much nothing is a time honored tradition. Hell, Woodrow Wilson got one for forming the League of Nations. The League of Nations was a fucking joke! It was like the UN, but it was less effective and they actually made everyone walk around in clown shoes and squeaky red noses.

But please, conservative pundits everywhere: go ahead and make a big thing of this even though it’s really not and commence your incoherent shouting…now.