Michelle Bachmann thinks the GOP is peeling away female voters from the Democratic party, mostly courtesy of herslf and fellow barely-connected-to-reality-as-we-understand-it conservative superstar Sarah Palin. But they’re not the only ones on the right working overtime to win female votes.

For example, the NRCC is hoping that Gen. Stanley McChrystal puts House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “in her place” – which is, of course, barefoot and pregnant in a kitchen, where she will presumably be less able to transform the USA into a socialist dystopia where abortions are mandatory and sociology professors wander the streets urinating on and burning religious symbols. Because she is an enemy of the Constitution, and it is up to Paul Broun to stop her. And also, Louisiana Senator David Vitter and 29 other GOP Senators are doing their damndest to deny victims of sexual assault their day in court, so… that is two ways the GOP are big fans of women. Maybe there is one more?

Oh yes, there is National Review columnist and conservative pundit John Derbyshire who thinks that giving women the vote was the worst thing to happen to this country since anything else ever. While he grumpily concedes that they probably should have the right to vote, if it’s bad for the country and all, maybe women should just stop trying to have a say in stuff and stay home to make babies and dinner for their menfolk like God intended?

That’s right, ladies.