Alright, everybody. Some pretty bad news hit today, and I…I don’t really know how to break it to you. So I’m just going to say it…

There is an outside chance that maybe, perhaps, Silvio Berlusconi might be a bit sexist.

Berlusconi has come under fire this week for insulting a female politician on a late night talk show where he sniped that 58 year old Rosy Bindi was “more beautiful than intelligent.”

This disappointing news comes as a shock to the Italian prime minister’s legions of admirers who have until now held Berlusconi up as a pillar of moral rectitude and a champion of respectful attitudes towards the fairer sex. We will seek comfort tonight by perusing the entire Wikipedia page devoted to trials involving Berlusconi – none of which have ever resulted in a conviction.

Justice, thy name is “an almost unimaginably corrupt, broken and rigged Italian judicial system.”