Ever since two men took their first steps onto the surface of the moon and one sat in the lunar module, seething and plotting his revenge, one question about the moon has plagued mankind.

Where the fuck are all the moon people?

I mean, we go to all this trouble, spend untold billions of dollars, fly up to the goddamned moon and everything and there’s what? A bunch of rocks and dust and shit but no moon people. What the shit is that all about?

This week, news broke of what appears to be an intact lava tube on the surface of the moon. There’s a chance, albeit a slim one, that this hole, which appears to be about 65 meters deep, could be an entrance to a linked network of tunnels brnaching out beneath the surface of the moon.

Which is, of course, exactly where you would live if you were moon people.

In more terrestrial lava tube news –  live on top of a SUPERVOLCANO! Maybe. Which seems like it should be fun – after all, how can you not enjoy saying SUPERVOLCANO! But as with all volcanoes, one must be realistic about the dangers it poses. After all, it’s all fun and games until your plucky grandmothers legs melt off.