See what happens when we release the governing body of the Internet from iron grip of the United States? Pretty soon you’ve got website domain names popping up in all sorts of languages, and now they’re even going to have different alphabets, because the latin alphabet isn’t good enough for some people, I guess.

As has been speculated for weeks, ICANN officially gave the go-ahead yesterday for the use of non-latin characters in domain names. The approval process will start in just two short weeks, which has sent companies like Coca-Cola and General Electric scrambling to figure out just how you spell their names in Cyrillic, Arabic, Korean and every other language that they’ll have to trademark and buy domain space for. In case anyone was wondering what lawyers get paid for – this is it, right here.

After sending corporate America into a tailspin, this is ultimately good news, bringing the World Wide Web a little closer to earning it’s title. Soon, spam messages written in Cyrillic will direct us back to whole pages written in Cyrillic! Bizarre Korean economics-based MMOS will direct players to their games in Hangul! And the Klingon Language Institute will at long long last be hosted in plqaD.  Buy’ ngop!