Mark Impomeni over at Red State doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo, re: World War II is over. Apparently laboring under the notion  that we are still at war with Japan, Impomeni will not brook the leader of our proud nation making a gesture of respect to the leader of a foreign nation with whom we were once at war, unless it is by giving them the uncomfortablest back rub ever.

Then again, Impomeni writes at Red State – if the President had visited Japan for the express purpose dropping a nuclear bomb on something, Impemoni would have still found a way to call it unpatriotic. And just wait until the Obama visits China, where people sell t-shirts of the President in hats worn by history’s most famous communist. Allow me to channel Impomeni from about one day from now:

Blarrg! Socialism, socialism, the t-shirt proves it! And also, why are we not killing more asians, which is the only right and proper thing for America to do? Blargh!