Prepare for in-depth commentary as we take you through the many twists and turns of the biggest non-news story of the year, the 2009 UN Copenhagen Climate Conference.

For two weeks, a staggering variety of pundits, scientists, journalists and policy wonks predicted that, despite the growing urgency of the situation, chances were that no meaningful change would come out of the summit.

Then, leaders, political leaders, activists and endless legions of lawyers descended upon Denmark at the expense of taxpayers worldwide and talked for twelve days days, producing a toothless, non-binding document that represents no meaningful change.

Then, for several nights afterward, every news outlet in the country weighed in on just how meaningless the Copenhagen Accord is, what made it so meaningless and, in a triumph of existentialism in mass media, what the meaninglessness of the document means.

Then everybody realized they still had Christmas shopping to do and decided to forget about climate change for the next few years, because surely, someone will have done something about it by then, right?