Television’s favorite fundamentalist hatemonger Pat Robertson is once again warning us of the wrath of the angry, vengeful God he worships out of fear.
Robertson’s God, whose greatest hits include being responsible for Hurricane Katrina, 9/11(with an assist from the ACLU) and Ariel Sharon’s stroke and every time you ever got a hangnail, you self pleasuring heathen, was apparently getting his smite on yesterday when a nightmarish 7.0 earthquake hit the impoverished nation of Haiti, killing tens of thousands in the least able to handle it place in the world.

According to Robertson, this is because the Haitians made a deal with the devil hundreds of years ago when they revolted against colonial French forces and established Haiti as an independent nation. It follows, then, that Haiti could have been spared this and a host of other disasters by just remaining a nation of slaves for generation upon generation, which is what, which is what Pat Robertson’s monstrous bogeyman God wanted for black people anyway!

Or it could be, you know, a combination of poor building construction throughout a third world nation combined with staggering geological bad luck.

If you want to stymie the efforts of Robertson and his merciless, grudge-bearing deity, or you just want to help people almost infinitely less fortunate than yourself,  visit here to learn a couple ways to donate to the relief effort in Haiti, which is already stretched to the breaking point and only going to get worse.