Man, passing health care reform is hard. And we all know that if something is hard, it’s not worth doing, even if you’ve spent pretty much all your political capital and thrown all your credibility behind needing to get it done. Because it’s hard, and things that are hard are terrible!

You know what’s easy though? Quitting! Quitting is super fucking easy – all you have to do is forget that you ever had any reason for doing what you were doing, and then stop doing it the second it gets difficult. Which is exactly why Nancy Pelosi has essentially thrown in the towel on health care reform this morning. If the votes aren’t there this morning, they’re just not going to be there, which means reform just went from being on life support to dead as disco.

Congratulations, Democrats – the time came for a party wide gut check, and you had the chance to show us what you’re really made of. Which, I suppose, is exactly what you did.