Oh noes! It appears that Robert Shelby, the troglodytic Republican Senator from the illiterate, backwater armpit state of Alabama had someone read the Senate’s rules of order to him and found out he could block presidential appointments. What kind of presidential appointments? Why, all of them! And that’s when Shelby imposed a blanket hold on every presidential nomination that has to be approved by the Senate, because that is how you do good politics in Alabama, where the state motto is ‘Hold Your Breath And Stomp Your Feet Like A Child Until You Get your Way, And Also Have Sex With Your Attractive Cousins.”

So far, Shelby has yet to release his list of demands for the release of the blanket hold, though he’s recently been pissing and moaning about not getting a couple of military projects up and running in Alabama as was promised in his charter, including an IED testing facility. Presumably, he also wants a pony, a helicopter with a full fuel tank, a briefcase full of small, unmarked bills and an apology for all the jokes about people from Alabama being illiterate, cousin-fucking subhumans.

He will not get it, the dirty cousin-fucker.