Gee, it turns out that the strategy of ‘giving all of your money to a magical psychic person’ is not a flawless method for guaranteeing returns on you investment. Sean David Morton of Delphi Investment Group is being sued by the SEC for securities fraud to the tune of $6 million. but don’t worry – his magic cat breeding center is still totally legit.

He apparently bilked investors out of this money by claiming to be a “natural psychic and trained remote viewer” who used his magic psychic brain powers “to predict future occurrences and trends such as earth changes, political events and stock market fluctuations.” Morton, rather predictably, took the money and ran, and the SEC is finally taking notice of him, because apparently it is still a crime to steal $6 million from really, really stupid people who give $6 million to a psychic who sells wonder tea on his website as their retirement strategy.

We can safely assume that Morton has a really good lawyer already, though, because chances are he at least saw this coming, right?