What happens when a man dressed in a chicken costume (Always Funny) is the victim of a drive-by shooting (Never Funny)? Well, it’s still pretty funny.

“Having a man-sized chicken encourage people to eat at a new burger joint seemed like a good idea,” says Dave Roberts, the Wichita reporter responsible for covering the burgeoning ‘Furries’ beat.

But it wasn’t a good idea, oh, no sir! Because if there’s one thing that hooligans on the mean streets of Wichita love more than throwing sodas and trash at anyone whose job consists of standing on the sidewalk shilling a product or service, it is shooting at them. This is especially true of people who are dressed as animals – they’re dressed up like animals, for God’s sake! That is pretty much asking to be assaulted with an air rifle.

Which is exactly what happened to Robert Hatter, who was shot with a pellet gun in the thigh by what we can only presume to be a car full of PETA activists enraged by the notion of a giant anthropomorphic chicken encouraging people to eat beef.