Feeling down with the flu? Get well soon, you big sissy! According to a recent study at the University of Sussex, the worst symptoms of the flu virus may not be symptoms of the virus at all – feeling achy, tired, worn out and generally down seem to be all in the minds of most patients. In other words, the reason you feel sick is not that you are sick. Though that’s a contributing factor, your idstinctly lacking sense of well-being stems from the fact that that you have an idea of how ‘sick’ is supposed to feel and you decide that you, too must feel sick. This is nothing but the quitter talk of a fevered brain!

But worry not – even if your brain thinks it is sicker than it really is, it is also very easy to make your brain think it is getting better due to the consumption of sugar pills, as demonstrated by a study last year that showed that placebos have inexplicably become about 20% more effective in the last two decades of clinical trials. The only scientific explanation or this is that your brain is stupid, and easily fooled! And vain, as not only does your brain confuse placebos with actual real medicine, it even thinks that a more expensive placebo will be more effective medicine, making you feel better accordingly.

For those of you who are starting to think that perhaps our brains and immune systems are simply more complex and daunting than we can probably ever hope to understand… yeah, pretty much.

But look on the bright side – this is a thing that exists!

That’s something, right?