Arch-conservative activist and Texas school board member Don McLeroy will not be making a return appearance on the board next year, having been narrowly defeated in a Republican primary by a more moderate Republican espousing such controversial views as the belief that humans and dinosaurs did not live alongside one another. We may not know what Ratliff thinks of McLeroy’s big damned hero Joe McCarthy, but the whole ‘understanding that the Earth is millions of years old’ thing is a big step in the right direction.

What remains to be seen is how much damage McLeroy can still do to textbook standards across the nation from his chair on the board, which he will retain until next year – chances are, it could still be a lot, as the standards debate continues in one of the two states who de facto dictate what standards the rest of the country teaches to.

But for now, congratulations are due to Texas, which proved that while it may have it’s share of crazy people, the majority of it’s citizens are more reasonable by far than their craziest resident. For more on this story and an honor roll of McLeroy’s notable achievements in the field of Wingnut Bastardry, check out TPM’s great coverage here.