Attorney General Eric Holder got a little testy with a House panel yesterday when it was suggested that his Justice Department, which is devoted to the crippling of America and freedom in general would mirandize Osama bin Laden upon capturing him. Holder pointed out that this is a silly notion, as we are going to straight cap that motherfucker if we ever find him. But after we gun him down, blow him up or shoot him into the sun, we will mirandize his corpse, apparently.

Now, I’m not Attorney General or anything, so far be it for me to lecture anyone on the finer points of that august position, but I’m pretty sure if a dude is already a corpse, then you don’t actually have to mirandize him. This just goes to show how much Eric Holder wants to gay marry terrorism – he thinks all terrorists should have legal rights and due process, even the dead ones. Pretty soon he will go back in time to make sure Benedict Arnold knows he is entitled to the services of some wishy washy ACLU lawyer, thus retroactively losing us every war EVER including the one on terror, which isn’t really so much a war as a complicated series of security measures and countermeasures involving but not limited to diplomatic action, retooling foreign policy and distribution of economic aid worldwide, strategic¬†application of military force… Ah, you know what, fuck it. USA USA USA ! We’re Number One!