Hey, remember that woman yesterday who shouted “Heil Hitler!” at an Israeli immigrant comparing the Israeli and American health care systems?

Her name is Pamela Pilger, and if you want a real kick, now you can listen to her talk about her “biblical values”, how much she cares about illegal immigrants but doesn’t think they should be allowed inside hospitals, and why Obama, that Washington insider, has just been in office too long.

Hey, everybody, remember when you were proud to be an American citizen? Kinda, a little, I mean? Yeah, those were nice times, weren’t they?

Now think back to those times. Hold on to that thought. And click this link to Think Progress to watch an anti-health care reform protester shout “Heil Hitler!” at a Jewish immigrant  who is comparing the Israeli and American health care systems. And watch all those fond memories of your former patriotism go up in smoke

This Classy Lassy then goes on to compare Obama to Hitler and tell the Jewish fellow she just screamed  anti-semitic epithets at that he should be the most scared of Obama. Because as history teaches us, the Holocaust began with health care reform. And then she finishes with the ‘Reasoned, Respectful Exchange of Ideas’ version of a 10.0 dismount – making crying baby noises as the guy complains that a 2 hour stay in an American ER cost him $8,000. Because, you know, up until that point the level of discourse was just a bit too high-falutin’.

Did I miss a fucking memo, guys? Is this really what we’ve come to? Conspicuously displaying our handguns at rallies and shouting “Heil Hitler” because it’s easier than debating a point? Is this really the best we can do as a nation?  Do we not aspire to be better than this? Do we not have more respect for each other than this?

Are we, in short, really this bad?

Maybe we are. I mean, frankly, we’re at the point where this disappoints me horribly, but it doesn’t actually surprise me much.Frankly, I kind of assume this shrill, bigoted bitch from Hell is going to have a speaking engagement opening up for Joe The fucking Plumber in six months.

Maybe this is just who we are now. And maybe we deserve whatever the hell we get.