I’m not usually one for procedural porn, but this is just too goddamn good to pass up. Al Franken, presiding over the Senate, informs Joe Lieberman that no, he may not have more time to finish his speech. This is… profound brilliance and justice on the floor of the Senate, courtesy of TPM.

Watch it, and then watch it again. Drink it in. Then giggle a little bit when Lieberman assures Franken he doesn’t take it personally. Actually, Joe, this one you might want to. You may be too important to the caucus to get the string of Senatorial pink bellies and swirlies you so richly deserve, but you have not behaved in a way that is going to make you many friends. Then keep giggling when John McCain, proceeds to literally wag his finger scornfully at the entire august legislative body and just barely avoid a rudeness induced aneurysm.

Oooh, let’s watch it again, shall we?

Is this really what we’ve come to as a planet, folks? Acknowledged world champion of Awesome Naked Partying and also iron fisted Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi had his teeth busted and lost a full pint of blood when a mentally ill man threw a statue at his head, presumably because he was jealous of how awesome Berlusconi is.

Meanwhile, here in the States, well-known CHUD Joe Lieberman took a respite from kicking puppies, poisoning old people’s medicine and tying damsels to railroad tracks for just long enough to skullfuck health care reform on national television by moving the goalposts on what is an acceptable public option compromise. Apparently the Medicare buy-in that Lieberman supported just a few months ago will now destroy America, leaving Lieberman no choice but to unexpectedly pull his support yesterday and fuck every Democrat in the Senate right to the wall, giggling malevolently as he does so.

And  no one hit him in the head with something heavy. There’s just no justice, people. None at all.

Baron von Evil rides again!

Joe Lieberman, also known as the World’s Shittiest Person Ever, will caucus  with the Democrats if he has to, we suppose. But he does not like it, no sir, and he will not be trying to get any of them reelected. He will, as he did in 2008, be doing his level best to get Republicans elected to the Senate and House of Representatives. And if the Democrats keep control of the Senate, as they almost certainly will, then he will be happy to hang out with his buddies the Democrats for two more years – at least until he can try and get a Republican elected President again.

Because he is an evil fuck, in case you were wondering.