Florida governor and Republican Senate candidate may officially be the tallest and least popular Oompa Loompa in the history of time. Only months ago a rising star in the Republican party, he now trails Marco Rubio by a truly staggering 30 points in the GOP Senate primary. Adding insult to career injury, most Floridians don’t want to see him back in the governor’s office next year, either. Even if he ran as an independent, it doesn’t appear that Crist could get elected so much as dog catcher in 2010.
By way of illustration, this graph, courtesy of TPM, says it all. The black line, the one falling to earth like a wounded bird, struggling to stay aloft, flailing at the air, not yet quite comprehending that it’s already dead? That’s Crist.

Baron von Evil rides again!

Joe Lieberman, also known as the World’s Shittiest Person Ever, will caucus ¬†with the Democrats if he has to, we suppose. But he does not like it, no sir, and he will not be trying to get any of them reelected. He will, as he did in 2008, be doing his level best to get Republicans elected to the Senate and House of Representatives. And if the Democrats keep control of the Senate, as they almost certainly will, then he will be happy to hang out with his buddies the Democrats for two more years – at least until he can try and get a Republican elected President again.

Because he is an evil fuck, in case you were wondering.

Oh, sweet God, I am in trouble.

Talking Points Memo has set up Twitter rooms, collecting all the Twitter feeds of elected representatives and political insiders on both sides of the aisle in one easy to find, constantly updating place. So now I don’t have to jump all over, constantly updating the feeds of different politicians to keep up with their antics.

I very well may never sleep again.