The most dangerous thing to threaten polar bear habitats the freaking ice melting out from under them, which is totally NOT caused by global warming, you filthy hippie, is grizzly bears. Sick of being consigned to more southerly habitats, grizzly bears are arriving with troubling regularity in what scientists traditionally think of as polar bear habitat in Manitoba, Canada.

The bad news is that the two biggest species of bear in the world slugging it out with their very survival at stake is terribly, terribly sad, and promises to be just one more strike against the polar bears already dimming prospects for long term survival.

The good news? Dude, did you not see the part about “the two biggest species of bear in the world slugging it out with their very survival at stake?” This will be a super awesome animal fight, on par with shark versus crocodile, gorilla versus anaconda, and boxing kangaroo versus talkshow.

Place your bets on the future of all ursine-kind today and get prepared for the battle of the century. Round One, FIGHT!

Yes, Please

Scientist at Cornell have created a palm sized device that could one day allow people to stick to and climb walls just as easily as walking


Just like Spider-Man, you ask?

Fuck yes, just like Spider-Man, we say.

The device pumps water through tiny, micron wide holes in a metal plate, using the power of surface tension to create adhesion. And eventually, you’ll be able to use a palm sized one to climb buildings, which is sweet. Now if we can get somebody working on making high-tensile web shooters a reality, we can really start striking fear in the hearts of muggers everywhere.

Do you find yourself desperately trying to look away from the hideous train wreck that is the special election in Massachusetts, but unable to turn your head from the political carnage?

Yeah, us too. Which is exactly why we’re bringing you something to take your mind off the exit polling and voter turnout numbers we’ll be subjected to today and the endless talking head analysis (and perhaps the Coleman-esque legal challenge?) that are certain to dominate the airwaves in the ensuing days.
Just don’t think about all that right now. Think instead about the future, and all the laser nipples it will bring.

Thanks to Gizmodo for this. We now return you to your regularly scheduled pacing and swearing, already in progress.

It is a generally accepted scientific fact that dinosaurs are, technically speaking, pretty awesome. But apparently, the speedy ground dwelling carnivore known as Sinornithosaurus was even more awesome than previously suspected. Not only was it a feathered raptor about the size of a turkey that ran down it’s prey, but evidence suggests it also had venomous fangs, reminiscent of those found in rear fanged snakes today. The venom probably didn’t kill prey outright, but merely disabled it, making it a simpler meal for the sinornithosaurus.

But still, venomous fangs!And really folks, is there anything so cool that venomous fangs don’t make it just a little more cool?

I thought not.

Okay, two things. First thing – motorcycles are not safe. Second thing – rocket launchers are not safe. So we should be clear that there is no manner in which attaching rocket launchers to your motorcycle is in any way safe, for yourself or anyone else on sharing the road with you.

What it is, is totally bitchin’. Seriously – this dude is basically a hidden helicopter blade away from being a M.A.S.K action figure.

I’m not usually one for procedural porn, but this is just too goddamn good to pass up. Al Franken, presiding over the Senate, informs Joe Lieberman that no, he may not have more time to finish his speech. This is… profound brilliance and justice on the floor of the Senate, courtesy of TPM.

Watch it, and then watch it again. Drink it in. Then giggle a little bit when Lieberman assures Franken he doesn’t take it personally. Actually, Joe, this one you might want to. You may be too important to the caucus to get the string of Senatorial pink bellies and swirlies you so richly deserve, but you have not behaved in a way that is going to make you many friends. Then keep giggling when John McCain, proceeds to literally wag his finger scornfully at the entire august legislative body and just barely avoid a rudeness induced aneurysm.

Oooh, let’s watch it again, shall we?

It works! The Large Hadron Collider has, for the first time in it’s young, trouble plagued life, produced and recorded high-energy proton collisions.

And we’re all still here.

So… this is sort of anti-climatic, but, you know, way to keep existing, world as we know it.

Um, carry on, I guess?

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